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Ads by Passive Revshare

Passive Revshare is an online advertising site selling advertising products / services.
Primary product / service is Business Listing (Ad Package) and other products / services are Banner ads, Text ads.
Members may use these to advertise their Business/Programs to all members and visitors of the site.


Investment Plan

  • Ad Package for $5.00 each.

  • Maximum maturity value of $6.25 or 130% ROI

  • Free 1000 banner and 1000 text ad impressions

  • 100% Passive Income

  • Each time a new member activates an account the surplus funds are paid out to ALL members thus creating a massive EXPLOSION OF CASH for every member!

  • Profits are from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Ad Packages.

  • Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Ad Packages. Cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing.

  • To maintain long term sustainability, 60% Ad Packages earnings is placed into a repurchase balance. This amount can only be used to purchase more Ad Packages or ad credits.

  • 10% is paid as referral commission for direct referral only.

  • It is designed not to stall and stop generating earnings for members... In fact, it's designed to do the exact opposite, and continue to provide members with earnings on a long-term basis.

How it works

Once you signup to our program today, you can purchase a share for a set price that is affordable for all, and receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions. But not only that, we've got some great bonuses for free and pro members as well that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Promote your affiliate link, and when your referrals buy a share, you will earn a cash commission down several levels for that minimal effort. Not bad considering you didn't refer your referral's downline right? It's all good!

But here's the kicker that makes this program absolutely insane! ... Once the admin fee and referral commissions are taken from the share price, the remainder is split equally and distributed in fair shares to the next set of members. Depending on what the Admin sets, it could be 20 members, 50 members, or even 100 members! But this is the closely guarded secret that makes this program work so well, and generates more and more sales to be shared amongst it members.

Accepted Payment Processors:

7-Layer DDos Protection

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